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Why Raw?

Why choose living and/or raw foods?  Short answer: Because it feels amazing!

Other than that, you know the famous line,    

                                        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

The food we consume can be our medicine or it can be our poison. It will depend on your food choices. Some of the benefits of eating raw and / or living foods are…

Better food choices; instantly
When you switch to eating live and/or raw foods, you automatically eliminate a lot of different types of foods that are harder to digest, are common allergens, or simply cause a lot of sensitivities to appear in people, not to mention contributing to the development of dis-ease.

More nutrition
Getting enough vitamins and minerals are essential for health and yet, most of us don't eat enough of the foods that are highly nutritious.  Food is rarely eaten for nutrition.  Besides satisfying hunger, it is consumed for pleasure, emotional reasons, as part of socializing, etc.  On top of that, most of the food that is consumed is cooked.  Does that affect the nutritional values of the ingredients?  When cooking food, the heat destroys about 50 percent of the proteins, 60-70 percent of the vitamins and minerals and over 90 percent of the phytonutrients in them.  Some say more, some say less, but nobody argues that there is a huge decline in the nutrients taken in when eating cooked food vs. eating the same food in its natural, raw and/or living state.

And, when you eat live foods...
You have more energy: You feel more vibrant, with a steady energy supply, less fatigue and no "crashes".

You boost your immune system: You will be more efficient at combating colds and other challenges your body may face.

You feel more connected: You will connect with the living planet, and the universe, on a different level.  Food affects our minds... See it for yourself.

Choosing organic at the market or grocery store is the first step.  Consuming food that is pleasurable, aesthetically appealing, and nourishing, is a step farther in the right direction.

In most Western civilizations, including the U.S., food-related diseases are innumerable.  The pharmaceutical companies have annual revenues of billions of dollars.  People are desperately trying to make up for deficiencies due to lack of nutrition, and find a magic pill to cure what might have been caused by the intake of toxic foods.  The same amount of money could be spent on nourishing our body and supporting healthier industries.  No matter what, prevention is cheaper and more fun than addressing health issues, be that a minor cold or a terminal disease…

"Let nothing which can be treated by diet be treated by other means."
                                                     ~ Maimonides, master wholistic physician to Egyptian sultan

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