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"Black Magic"....Straight from the Earth

Friday, May 20, 2016

Shilajit..... "what!?" is the reaction I get form many people when I mention the name of this "thing" I love so much :)

This wonderful substance that is neither a supplement nor really a food (although, I'd call it that) is a mineral pitch (a tar-like substance, a resin) that literally oozes out of layers of rocks of the Earth in the Himalayas and other high mountains in the world.

So...what IS IT???
Shilajit is an ancient adaptogenic "herb" (it's classified as such, most of the time) that has been part of the Ayurvedic system for thousands of years and is also referred to as "destroyer of weakness" by some. It is taken by many people, including myself, who are familiar with its wonderful health-supporting benefits, kind of like a supplement once or twice a day.

Why take it? 
The food supply we rely on for "nourishing" our bodies is simply NOT sufficient and can NOT provide all the minerals and other nutrients we need to function at our peak. Minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, enzymes, amino acids, etc are all lacking in today's sad-looking produce and not to mention other foods in grocery stores. And, while we can go to the farmers markets for fresher and more nutrient-dense foods or even grow our own, there is simply more need for nutrients for counterbalancing the toxic load we are exposed to in our daily lives. Most people reach for supplements and/or drugs in desperation and hoping to fix imbalances and or "treat" dis-eases in their bodies. Unfortunately, introducing these synthetic substances can, of course, further the existing problem(s).
This magical resin is a great way to provide our bodies with the nutrients its lacking.

What are its health benefits?
Shilajit is well known for its fulvic and fumic acid content. It is very high in 80+ trace minerals, provides a full spectrum of amino acids, many enzymes, phytonutrients and all of these together can make an incredible difference in someone's health when taken on a regular basis.
The complex nutritional profile translates to its powers for helping
- increase the body's adaptibility
- neutralize toxins and heavy metals
- assist the absorption of nutrients in foods you take in along with it
- get rid of "bad estrogens" and pesticides
- regulate hormones
- increase energy and sex drive
- tonify the kidneys (it's a Jing herb)

Seeing this list, I think you get an idea...it is amazing to have around AND take, no matter how strange it is ;)

I treasure it and it's one of my favorite foods.

The resin...

...is quite hard and can't even be "scooped" at colder temperatures. I took a picture of the open jar on a cool day and it was impossible to get any amount of it out.
However, it melts naturally on warmer days or when heated. You may heat it gently if it's not a hot summer day and you need to melt it on the stove in a double boiler. Do this by placing it in a bowl of water with its level lower then the lid / opening and pacing that bowl in a pot that you will heat GENTLY on the stove.

Once it's melted, it's very easy to "serve". You need to start with very little (pea size amount is suggested) and you can build up from there. You can't really overdose.

I've been consuming Shilajit for many years and I love it so much that most days I take 1-2 teaspoons of the powder (an extract) and this was my first time trying a resin, which can be just sucked on like candy but will probably not appeal to most people.....that is my hones and best guess.

Taste-wise, it might be something to get used to. I loved it from day one but when you first open any high quality Shilajit it will probably "shock" you because of the smell and then the taste when trying it. It has a very strong, kind of "smokey - as described by many - and, in my opinion, coffee-like flavor.

Pureblack (Pürblack) 
The Pürblack resin is nicely packaged. It comes in a very nice glass jar, similar to an expensive, high-end cosmetic. It also comes with a tiny foldout info sheet and a serial number is engraved into the jar to be able to keep track of the batch it comes from. Pürblack guarantees quality and purity, which is the most important issue when it comes to selecting Shilajit. I have not tested its purity myself but I'm planning on doing so and to compare it with other sources, just beacuse I'm curious and I think it's fun :) I do not know how one would know if the Shilajit taken in is really pure or even real vs. being a counterfeit but I think I would "feel" the difference.
Either way, I have not taken Pürblack for long enough to comment on this but I will certainly keep taking it and update you on whether I feel the difference or not (compared to the effects of the other Shilajit I've been taking for years).

How to take it..
I'm happy to take Shilajit straight, with a spoon. But most people will not like that idea, I'm certain of that, especially the first time.
I blend some into tonics most day where I combine it with other herbs and make a wonderful warming concoction of it that is the most nourishing and balancing meal in itself. I must say, I'm looking forward to my tonics every single day and blending Shilajit into them is my favorite way of taking this stuff. I just love this stuff!

Make sure the resin is melted and dip a toothpick or a small wooden utensil or whatever you may prefer and take a tiny dab of it. Take it straight if you're like me or add it to a glass of water or nutritious drink and let it dissolve off of the toothpick/spoon. Once all the Shilajit is off the spoon, stir your drink and it's ready to consume.

When NOT to take it?....caution
Some people say do not take it while pregnant. Of course, nobody wants to take responsibility for your health and, ultimately, YOU are in charge. As they say, "when in doubt, always consult your health practitioner"....of course, in my opinion, that's you! Most doctors and practitioners will not even have the slightest clue what shilajit IS if you ask them. I will tell you this much, it's the most amazing substance to take WHILE trying to get pregnant and planning for a baby and, personally, I would take this (and it's one of my top choices) while pregnant as well....if I ever have the experience. My intuition is that that's when women would need it most! (Anyway, listen to whomever you trust, whether that is your doctor or your own body. I choose my body : ) as you already know if you've bee reading my blog.)

The other thing to mention is that you might experience detoxification symptoms. The more toxic our bodies are, the worse we feel when detoxing. If you feel "horrible", cut back a bit and go slower or assist our detoxification by drinking more water, taking in substances that help remove the toxicity and assist their leaving the body once they're out of the cells.

If you're on medication, be aware that Shilajit can neutralize toxins and prescription drugs will most likely be recognized as such so they might be carried out with it and therefore, their effects will be lessened / prevented. Also be aware that Shilajit assists the absorption of nutrients so if you're taking something else, a natural supplement, for example, you may feel the effects of that/them even more.

All in all, I highly recommend Shilajit for everyone. I know I will never stop taking it.

I will finish my jar of 
Pürblack and add an update here to share about its effectiveness. 
Give it a try and let me know how you feel!

DISCLAIMER: Pürblack sent me this jar free of cost so that I can try it and share about it with you.
My conclusion: I LOVE IT :)

You can learn more about 
Pürblack Shilajit and get your jar here: https://purblack.com/