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One Minute Green Soup That I Wish I Had on Tap!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I had the last few Persian cucumbers of the season sitting in the fridge. The crispy little things sure will be missed till they show up  at the market again because I can't get enough of this soup I use them for ALL THE TIME. So, that's what I made with them, yet again : )

I eat it at home or I take it with me in a mason jar...great travel food you can sip while long-distance-driving too....just make sure you have a straw! You get the picture...it's just perfect, easy, nourishing food, that's so tasty that it never gets boring (not to me, anyway).

And, yes, I do vary it a little bit, but most of the time I stick with this exact recipe:

Creamy Cucumber Soup 
(makes ~ enough to fill a quart size mason jar)
3 Persian cucumbers
generous handful of cilantro (leaves and stems, entire length)
small jalapeƱo (or other hot pepper)
2-3 tbsp hemp seeds
1 fat clove of garlic
generous splash of olive oil
pinch or oregano leaves
optional: cayenne for extra heat
½ tsp salt
1 cup (+) water

Blend it up and go! That's it! So quick, so yummy, so green, so nourishing, satisfying and hydrating. What else would you need?


Summer time: use fresh basil instead of cilantro.
Calcium boost: use tahini instead of hemp seeds and dill instead of cilantro for another, very yummy, flavor combination and high amounts of calcium and copper.

No matter which of these alternatives you go with, it's a bone-nourishing soup and rather cleansing so it's a great "to-go" food when doing a detox (which is what I am doing with a group of other health-enthusiasts :) yay!). So go and make some! Your bones and skin will thank you...and once you taste it, you might even thank me for the recipe! :)