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Lineup of Juices

Monday, January 28, 2013

Alright, as I've promised, here are some juice combinations I like. These are all very cleansing and each one is a power shot in itself, an immune system booster, a multivitamin, and so forth. Real vitamins don't come in pill form, flu-shots are what they are (I won't get into that here) and these are cupfuls of nutrition that will easily replace and surpass whatever any of the well-advertised "other" products promise to give your body. SO get the juicer out of your cabinet and get peeling, chopping, and squeeze some juice out of whatever produce you have, or try some of these:

Here's one of my absolute favorite ones. I love pineapple in every form, mainly freshly cut up and consumed immediately but it's quite the winner juiced too. One thing to keep in mind: the enzymes in the pineapple will start breaking down the protein in the greens so you might want to drink this juice right after you made it. Hmm, this is so yummy. Enjoy!

The Sweet Bright & Green 
1 cucumber
2 inch thick slice of a pineapple

piece of ginger

few leaves of greens

Next, a savory one that I love so much, especially after drinking a lot of sweet juice:
It can get pretty boring and sometimes I feel I "need" salt and something savory....that's when I make this, serve it in a bowl, and eat it like soup instead of drinking it.

Savory Savior Amidst The Sweets
1 fat carrot
1 large tomato/several cherry tomatoes
5-6 stalks celery
1 cucumber
2-3 cloves garlic
1/2 cayenne pepper (or add some ground cayenne powder)
optional: 2-3 leaves romaine lettuce, salt

This one is a wonderful liver cleanser. The burdock root is very earthy and, in a way, almost spicy. It has a very distinct taste that doesn't really resemble anything. I like it, sometimes even crave it, ok, not crave it but you know, I really feel like it, or wait, is that the same thing? I don't know :) Anyway, if it's new to you start with a smaller piece and see if you like it:

Earthy Liver Cleanser 
1 lemon (with no peel)
1-2 oranges (with no peel)
1-2 leaves collard greens
3-4 stalks celery
1/2 cucumber
1 small burdock root
piece of ginger

Similarly, just by replacing the burdock root with a small carrot you'll get a somewhat less bright green but sweeter juice, which you might prefer:

Citrus With Greens and Roots
1-2 oranges (with no peel)
1 lemon (with no peel)
1-2 leaves collard greens
3-4 stalks celery
1/2 cucumber
1 small carrot
piece of ginger

Enjoy! Ah, the beauty of creating delicious combinations... Happy Juicing! : )

Just Beet It!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What have I been up to lately? Lots of things. Some of them are a surprise for now but I'll be sharing with you all in the upcoming posts, promise. First off, I started juicing more so I'll be taking notes of my favorite combinations for you. Here's the first one:

I wasn't targeting a liver cleanse or doing a detox at all, it just so happens that the ingredients combined here could be used for the housekeeping of this precious organ.

The Earthy Liver Cleanser
(Serves 1)
5 stalks celery
1 cucumber (or use a half and add 1 green apple)
1 peeled lemon
1 small beet
1 in (~2.5 cm) piece ginger root
2 leaves of kale (or other dark green leaves like dandelion, which is especially good for liver cleansing)

Feed them through your juicer and drink it up.

Fruits and vegetables to juice for a liver cleanse: dandelion leaves, lemon, burdock root, carrot, beets, apples, garlic, turmeric root, etc.

Happy Juicing! : )