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Oatmeal...A New Way

Sunday, June 28, 2015

This might take me forever to type but, who knows, maybe someone else is healing a broken bone. 

I’m healing a broken finger….so, I will make this short, because I haven’t mastered typing with one hand and it is quite challenging.

One of many important nutrients most people don’t get enough of is silica. And silica happens to be crucial for strong bones. If you believed it was calcium and that you get that from milk, sorry, that’s simply not the truth. By the way, if you know someone who is suffering from Alzheimer's or even better, would like to prevent it ;) silica-rich foods should be on their menu!....and you might wanna share this with someone with anemia as well.

Where do you get silica from?

More common ways (especially when following a raw, vegan lifestyle) are simply consuming sunflower seeds, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, etc.

But there are some foods and herbs that are incredibly rich in silica, such as Horsetail, Oatstraw…and OATS!!!
I have been making horsetail infusions as well (and WILL tell you all about it) but after years of not consuming any grains, the other day I opted for oats in the “raw” form…..if we can say that, I kind of doubt it….let’s call it “raw-ish”, ha!….oatmeal. As far as preparing it, I did NOT cook it though. THAT much I CAN say : )

And, I might as well mention, that this makes an absolutely delicious and satisfying meal.

So here we go. Here’s what I did:

“Raw” Whole Oat Groat Meal (Oatmeal)
1/2 cup “raw” oat groats* 
1-2 pinches vanilla (ground bean)
hot water / almond milk for blending
optional: pinch of salt

Toppings I used: maple syrup, cacao nibs, cinnamon, goji berries
More topping ides: fresh berries, sliced bananas, walnuts, coconut sugar, whatever you love with oatmeal

*make sure it’s not the toasted variety…..they’re commonly sold in bulk in health food stores

To prepare:
1) rinse the oats and soak them in pure water overnight (or for just a few hours if that’s all you have)
2) strain and rinse the soaked oats and blend them in a high-speed blender with all of the ingredients above (except the toppings)….blend in sweetener too if you desire a sweeter meal
3) serve in a warmed up / hot (but safe to touch) bowl and add your favorite toppings

Enjoy this heart-warming meal for breakfast on a cool morning or as an afternoon meal, like I did, following a salad…..Always eat your greens in first! ;)

To be honest, I don’t think I would have ventured for this if it wasn’t for a broken bone. So, thank you, finger! : )

As yummy as it is, from now on this will be a go-to “dish” on cooler days, for sure. 

Happy Summer days!….and if you live on the Southern hemisphere, I hope you still have plenty of sunshine! : )

Will be in touch soon!