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The "Pretty Complexion Citrus Blend"

Friday, January 24, 2014

As simple as it is, I must share with you the most recent thing I'm hooked on!  It is just so delicious and refreshing. I know most, if not all, followers of the 80/10/10 diet would approve too! : )

This "Vitamin C Citrus Blend Evolution" started when I realized that it was too early to try to eat tangerines a few weeks (!!!) after oral surgery.  Yep, I knew that it was not just hurting to try to chew but I was not chewing properly and a lot of the fruit was swallowed in large chunks, especially the pith. Obviously NOT ideal!
So, what's a health-conscious girl to do? I wanted to keep eating citrus but to get all the benefits too and that includes all the bioflavanoids (aka vitamin P), and calcium that's included in the white parts not only the vitamin-C-rich, juicy part. Bioflavanoids work together with vitamin C so they're best taken at the same time.
Have you ever had capillaries (tiny little red lines near the surface of your skin) showing? One way to maintain the healthy structure of those blood capillaries and support their thin walls is by consuming lots of citrus! While bioflavanoids or vitamin C are present in a myriad of foods, citrus has them both. What a great way to take in nutrients that support circulation and brighten your complexion!

….And this is such a simple method to ensure the assimilation of these nutrients. I really started with just blending up peeled citrus, which was amazingly yummy by itself, but then I started adding a thing or two because, you know, I always try to get the most out of everything….use whatever I can as a delivery system for other nutrients. Why not?! So, I'll give you the variations I've been really enjoying. If you can find tangerines (I love Satsumas, but others will work), use them, and if not, try to combine different types of oranges or even pomelos.

Pretty Complexion Citrus Blend 
(Makes 1 pint, fills a mason jar)
Basic Version
6-7 tangerines + 1-2 orange OR 4-5 oranges

Enhanced Delivery*
6-7 tangerines + 1-2 orange OR 4-5 oranges
pinch or two ground cayenne pepper

Anti-inflammatory Boost
6-7 tangerines + 1-2 orange OR 4-5 oranges
pinch or two ground cayenne pepper
small slice of ginger

Spiced Up 
6-7 tangerines + 1-2 orange OR 4-5 oranges
pinch or two ground cayenne pepper
small slice of ginger
couple of dashes of ground cinnamon

Superfood Brightness
6-7 tangerines + 1-2 orange OR 4-5 oranges
pinch or two ground cayenne pepper
small slice of ginger
couple of dashes of ground cinnamon
small handful of goji berries

*you can read about the health benefits of cayenne pepper here

Peel the tangerines by hand and leave all the white stringy parts attached. Peel the oranges using a knife and leave as much of the white part attached as you can, simply removing a thin layer with all the zest.
Leave all the seeds in as well. The point is to keep the fruits as close to whole as possible. Eating whole foods is what's always best. The pith (the white parts in citrus) contains the bioflavanoids and is the part of the fruit that is high in calcium. This helps balance any acidity and having all the fiber in there slows the absorption of sugar. You will end up with a pulpy blend for sure if you use tangerines and practically a mush if you use a lot of/only oranges with all the pith.

Blend all ingredients you chose to use and drink slowly or take it with you in a mason jar or bottle.
It travels well so it's great to take along with you to nourish your body while on the go but if you're using mainly oranges you might want to take a spoon with you. These concoctions can become very thick over time and the longer they sit, the more of the juice is absorbed by the pith so they will get even thicker. Taking a long-stemmed spoon along with you wherever your raw lifestyle takes you is a very good idea anyway and it might just come handy!

…And just watch, your skin will thank you for this!

Have a bright and juicy day!

Up Close And Personal: One Year Without The "f-word" !!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We are almost three weeks into the new year. By this time, most people have made new year's resolutions, tried to adhere to them and have given up/fallen off the wagon. It's hard to "force" a change in lifestyle or diet, or whatever area it may be. I always try to bring upon change when it feels right instead of scheduling it by looking at the calendar or tying it to an event. At the same time, many people are more inspired to make improvements in the beginning of the year and there is definitely a way to succeed.

Reasonable New Year's Resolutions is what it takes, if you ask me.

If the top of your list is say, "only eat dandelion greens" or "make a million dollars" in 2014, you might succeed, but I think your chances are much lower than when you aim at making a smaller step in improving your diet or eliminating one negative thing from your lifestyle, for example.

Coming out...
Growing up, and as a young adult, I never said any "bad words" and I couldn't stand hearing them but  one day I got a job somewhere where everybody cursed and it didn't take long for me to pick up on it and make it into a habit. And you know how things can stick with you, and so it did, much to my dismay :( for a long time.
I really couldn't stand hearing myself anymore so, among many things, quitting the f-word, was one of the items on my list for 2013 (and forever after) and I've made it!!! I must say it feels amazing!

I have come to realize that we touch others in so many ways, one of which is the way we communicate with them. On top of that, while communication takes many forms, our voice and the words we choose to use to express ourselves are quite important. This is especially true when we are on the phone, for example, when we are not face to face with the other person. But either way, what kind of energy is propagated by certain words and how does it "touch" the receiver?...  

What does it have to do with raw foods and why I decided to share (you might ask)?
When one opens up to this type of lifestyle and lets in all the goodness, magical things happen. I admit I was in disbelief three years ago when I started but everything I discovered through my initial research has proven to be true.

I'm no saint or an angel but I'd like to think that I've always been a good person and I do see and feel the difference since living this kind of lifestyle. My outlook on life in general has changed significantly. I'm even more in tune with nature than ever. I'm attracted to completely different personalities and some people's energy field I pick up on immediately and decide to "run".  Also, certain things that I might have not noticed before I now appreciate, while others simply don't resonate with me anymore.

Still, old habits can be hard to break (it was hard during the first three weeks) so, if you are inspired, just don't be too hard on yourself and keep trying. As with any change, be conscious of your journey, take it slowly, thank yourself for trying every day, and don't give up, no matter how often you fall back. If you are determined, sooner or later you will see results.

A side note: by no means do I suggest that people who don't curse are, in any way, better than those who do! In fact, many recall that it's their past environment that influenced them and while they're not in that environment anymore and are not around the same people, that habit stuck with them. Whether they're conscious of it or not... Yes, it's a hard one to quit. It slips out so easily, especially when one is hurt, frustrated or angry.
I am absolutely aware of this. That is why I feel that it is an accomplishment. And I repeat, it feels AMAZING!

If you decide to make this year your first (in a long time) cursing-free year, I wish you the best!
I'm on to a new challenge now! ; )

Happy 2014!