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"It is part of the cure to wish to be cured."  
                                                ~ Seneca, philosopher, legal scholar, and playwright (Tragedies)

Every one of us is different. Different constitution, different background, different habits, different condition, different goals...

While we all want to be healthy, one approach that works for someone might not work for others.  There is no "one method fits all" guide book that will make every single person feel his / her best.  A personalized approach, guidance that helps you achieve your goals, and listening to your own body is essential to becoming the healthy, energized, glowing you.

Who doesn't want to jump out of bed in the morning feeling energized, with no aches and pains, ready for the day, whatever it may bring, and not lose that feeling throughout the afternoon and evening?

...if you are tired of carrying around the extra weight
...if you are always "low on energy"
...if you are tired of feeling sick
...if you feel like you have tried "everything" but nothing has worked
...if you are tired of counting calories, taking weigh-loss pills, eating boring, tasteless food out of boxes, and not seeing changes or noticing that the positive changes are only temporary...

…then you might want to consider taking a look at your lifestyle.  Diets DO NOT work!  ADOPTING a LIFESTYLE DOES!

If you are only willing to make temporary changes, you can only expect temporary results.  Put in just a little effort but stick with it and see it all turn around!  You'll be amazed how little it takes!

Don't you deserve the best?  Why wouldn't you give it to yourself?  Whose body is going to get you through the day, this month, the next year, and the upcoming decades?

You only have one body! The good news is, that body is ever-changing.  And it is up to you how healthy you will become.  It is up to you how you will make the body-mind connection.

And I am here to help...

You deserve to feel better, more energized, lighter, healthier, more beautiful than ever.

So, if you want to...

 learn how to lose weight and keep it off
feel energized without having to rely on caffeine
have a healthy glow and beautiful skin
learn how to make better choices at the supermarket
learn about plant-based diets
learn how to prepare vegetarian/vegan dishes that are quick and satisfying
try out macrobiotics
incorporate more raw or living foods into your diet
be inspired to exercise and become fit

…or, simply put, want to change your lifestyle to a health-focused one...

You can contact me at: dita@yourvitalessence.com

Check out my website for more information:  http://yourvitalessence.com

Chin up, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

International Association for Health Coaches Member!

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