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Beautifying Lemonade

Monday, April 18, 2016

Oops, it's been a few days that I promised someone that I'd post this recipe..
He was begging for it and made me promise....when he saw me sipping it ever so enthusiastically the other "hot" day.

As I haven't posted anything in so long, due to a rather painful separation from the person I loved and spent my life with, a relocation to Los Angeles, a brutal car accident (which I still don't know how I survived), and my new business that kept me busy afterwards pretty much 24/7, this is a BIG deal to be back here! Yay! Hi AGAIN! :)

If you also happen to live in L.A. then you know it's been back in the high 80s to 90-ish degrees in the past 2-3 days and so refreshing drinks feel even more refreshing now AND we might as well "cheat" a bit and make them even more nutritious and healing than their commonly-known, traditional versions, right? Of course!..because if you're reading my blog, chances are, you're also into amazing foods for their health benefits, healing and beautifying qualities and the possibilities of its longevity-promoting effects.

Well, here's how I've been making "lemonade" lately....and, let me just say, it's been eye-catching. Yes, I DO take it with me often when I leave my little paradise behind and people ask me what I'm drinking. Most think it's a green juice...but nope. I blend ingredients for this one!
Great for your skin and gut health and a great detoxifier....so get in the garden and the kitchen and make this:

Beautifying Lemonade

Ingredients to be blended:

2-3 cups of the best quality water you can get
juice of 2 lemons
handful of fresh mint 
slice of fresh aloe gel (I used about a 3/4 inch thick slice)
favorite sweetener (I use raw honey* or maple syrup** usually) 
a really thin slice of ginger
pinch or two of (ground) cayenne 

*not vegan, ** not RAW

Blend all of the ingredients in a high powered blender that breaks down the mint leaves and the lemon seeds (which are best to keep in there). Grab a couple of straws and pour two servings of this wonderful treat if you have someone to share it with. If not, you will not have a problem finishing it all by yourself, I promise!

Enjoy! :)

And I'll be back soon.


P.S: I'll be reviewing a TON of yummy and super healthy products in the next few weeks and some of them will involve giveaways too so stay tuned! You never know....you might get lucky and end up with a bunch of goodies delivered to your door! You can't beat that!