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Thirst Quencher Of The Season

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Enjoying the hot summer days? I sure am! Unlimited sunshine and a farmers market so abundant...more fruit than what I could do with, sometimes.
This time, I had a half a watermelon left over. Couldn't finish the "ten-pounder" so I had to figure out how to take the rest to work...

It was either going to cut it all up and take it with me in a huge bowl so I can sit and eat it for an hour....not ideal...OR, make a drink out of it...excellent idea! Easy to transport, easy to carry around and consume throughout the day. Here's what I combined:

Watermelon Slushy
(Makes ~2 quarts / liters)
The red part of 5 pounds of watermelon
2 cups ice cubes
1 lime without the peel (or use ony the juice, if you wish)
Leaves of 8 sprigs of peppermint

Of course, you could add sweetener, if you'd like. The lime and mint will add a sort of bitterness to it but I like it that way. This melon was also particularly sweet.

Blend the ingredients for just a few seconds and serve it in chilled glasses with a sprig of mint or a slice of lime, or pour it into a large mason jar if you're taking it with you, like I did, or keep it in a pitcher chilled, to have within reach if you're lucky to be hanging out at home.

Watermelon is very cleansing and it's very rich in lycopene (good for your eyes), high in vitamin C, and even has a notable amount of magnesium (an important mineral for maintaining strong bones).

Hydrating, sweet, and so refreshing...enjoy!