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Are you ready for the 3-minute "Ice Dream" ?!

Monday, June 3, 2013

94 degrees (34 ˚C) calls for a frozen treat and that's where the thermometer sat the other day so...this is how it went down in the kitchen...

I had to make up something like ice cream but without the less-than-good stuff in there, of course.... What do we know ice cream for? Its sweetness, creaminess, and icy, cooling effects. So I grabbed ingredients that meet and surpass those qualities..

mango - for flavor, and the creaminess it provides
banana - for choline, because chances are you don't get enough if you're a raw vegan, eating only whole foods (I'm not into supplements / pills)
coconut butter (or oil) - for more creaminess and healthy fat
hemp protein - for Omega 3 and healthy protein

selection of herbs, etc. - for the "super" aspects of it :)
ginkgo biloba - for brain power, why not
maca - excellent hormone-balancer that also adds creaminess
cayenne - to spice it up and deliver nutrition
turmeric - not for the color but for its amazing anti-inflammatory power

Here's the trick to ensure you're able to make such instant treats any time you feel like it:
1. keep glass(es) in the freezer for serving cold treats
2. have frozen fruit readily available at all times. I always try to keep a variety of berries / mangoes cut in chunks / sliced bananas, etc. in the freezer and here are the exact quantities if you wish to follow along:

Mango Ice Dream
(Serves 1-2 lucky people)
1 banana (sliced and frozen beforehand)
1 large mango (cut into chunks and frozen beforehand)
1 heaping tbsp coconut butter
sweetener of your choice: I used raisins
handful of ice cubes - I have small hand :)
1/2 cup water (maybe a little more if your blender is struggling)

1 tbsp hemp protein powder
1/4 tsp maca powder
1/4 tsp turmeric
pinch or two of gingko biloba
1/4 tsp bee pollen (you can use more if you're used to it)

Add as little water as you can start with and blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender, using the tamper. Keep pushing down the contents and add a bit of water if it's a struggle (don't kill your blender) but keep it on the low end with the water so that you do get ice cream instead of shake. Serve in chilled ice cream cups, devour, enjoying every bit of it, and give thanks : )




Sweet Apple said...

M-m-m, yummy! Bananas and mangoes go great together! I like the idea of adding maca too.

ljdeutchman said...

You've added so many interesting and nutritious items that I would not feel guilty eating this creamy concoction at all!! And raisins for a sweetener, yes, they are so sweet, perfect! Can you use coconut water instead of the water? ...and do you stir this whilst it is freezing to prevent ice forming or do the ingredients just naturally do this, themselves? I am hoping to get this recipe down and then try my own variation on the theme!!! :P

Dita said...

Sure, this is nothing to feel guilty about! Yes, you can use coconut water (I make "Ice Dream" daily and I certainly would LOVE to use coconut water if I had any). There's no string required at all. You process it (using a high-performance blender) with very little liquid added and simply end up with a "soft serve".
Maybe I should keep sharing my variations…I have so many of them! Good luck and enjoy! :)

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