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Yummy Breakfast That's Quick & Easy

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I don't ever get to eat breakfast at home anymore and for some reason I quit making smoothies for a while so that's not what I've been taking along. Here's my new favorite. I like it so much that I'm looking forward to my breakfast break every day at work. It's so quick to put together that even the busiest person who has two minutes to prepare something when rushing in the morning will have no excuse to skip it! Of course, the possibilities are endless. I'm talking about putting fruits and seeds in a bowl, maybe even nuts or any topping your heart desires...but here's my version. They just go well together. Enjoy! : )

(Serves 1)
1 red Anjou pear
2 bananas
handful of blueberries*
2-3 tbsp ground golden flax seeds*
cinnamon to taste
optional: melted coconut oil & your favorite sweetener

*excellent brain foods

Cut up the pear and the bananas into small chunks. Add everything but the blueberries and mix well so that all of the fruit is coated with the seeds. Top it all with the blueberries and devour!
Your body will thank you for the antioxidants in the berries and the anti-inflammatory qualities of flax seeds that are loaded with Omega 3's. Good (and yummy) way to start the day, isn't it? By the way, it's also a great snack any time of the day...

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