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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I dare you to not love this! It might sound like an odd combination but I've been making this for a week now and I can't get tired of it. There's something good in everything bad for sure because I didn't even touch my juicer for months until now, after going through oral surgery (ouch). I will not get into the details of what a nightmare it was to feel the effects of anesthesia. I wanted to make sure I rid my body of the drugs as quickly as possible but I don't think I did enough of anything special except for eating mainly raw and sticking with this juice. High concentrations of vitamins A and C are great for helping your wound heal and of course you will need all the vitamins and minerals you can get even more so after going through any kind of medical procedure. By the way, there are tons of things you can do to help eliminate the parabens (in drugs) and whatever else your body was exposed to. This is not a recipe for detox after anesthesia/surgery though. I'm just sharing because it's so yummy. So drink up....Enjoy!

1 grapefruit (peeled)
1 apple
1 cucumber
5-6 stalks of celery
piece of ginger

I wish I had wheatgrass to add to this but I do not have a wheatgrass cranker yet. 

Put all the fruits and veggies through a juicer and drink immediately or, if you must take it with you to work/school, etc. like I did, then try to fill up a bottle all the way. You can even make it the night before this way and as long as you do not leave much space for air in there your juice will not oxidize much. A great way to start your day with an anti-inflammatory breakfast, or pre-breakfast : )


Andrea at Apples and Pears said...

I have all those things in the fridge so will make this yummy drink tomorrow!

Dita said...

Good for you, Andrea! So will I...again. Cheers! : )

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