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Chia Porridge, the New Breakfast on the Block

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A raw foodie's oatmeal? I wouldn't call it that. It's more like pudding, if you ask me. Yet another mushy texture that I was not very keen on trying out for the longest time. So glad I did though! Chia seeds are not only an amazing superfood but also very versatile. A simple breakfast porridge like this will give you the opportunity to experiment and create the most delicious flavor combinations. This porridge will leave you energized, satisfied, and keep you full for hours during a busy morning. It's so easy to take along in a jar and is a nice addition to your repertoire of smoothies, juices, and other usual breakfast items for a change. Aren't they the prettiest seeds? They're bean-shaped and come in colors of white, gray and black. They don't need to be ground for their nutrition to be bioavailable and they take but minutes to swell up to make breakfast, snacks, sweets, etc.

Did you know?...
...chia seeds contain the highest amount of omega-3 of all plants (which makes them the perfect brain food)
...they are a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids present in them
...these hydrophyllic seeds are capable of absorbing water about 10 times their weight and are very high in fiber
...they're loaded with antioxidants and minerals, such as calcium, manganese, phosphorous, etc. In other words, they're a very good bone-building food and an alkaline nutritional powerhouse.
They are highly praised in preventive-health literature for having potential to lower cholesterol, helping Type 2 diabetics by glycemic control, lessen your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases and help prevent different types of cancer. All this should be enough reason to put them in your grocery basket for food and not to (at least not only to) raise chia pets!   

Chia Porridge
(Serves 1-2)
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 1/2 cup nut mylk
sweetener to taste
strawberries (or other fruit)
cacao nibs
sprinkle coconut sugar on top, this is the best part : )

I made fresh almond mylk and used it without straining it. Mix the chia seeds and the mylk in a bowl, stir well and let it sit for a little while or keep it in the fridge overnight. Just before serving (or packing it into your lunchbox) add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Top with your favorite fruits, anything goes, and add caaco nibs, nuts, seeds, raisins, anything you love. Enjoy!


Rosa M said...

I will prepare this dish tomorrow! I can not wait any longer to eat it!!
I tried the chia oil capsules and are good for providing energy to our daily lives!!

I recommend them:

Dita said...

You're funny, Rosa! Enjoy! : )

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