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Grow Your Own Medicine In The Kitchen!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You know what's hot?! Whatever people are talking about, of course. And guess what, a few people asked me about sprouting and some, specifically about fenugreek sprouts, and the "how to" of sprouting….sooo, that's what today's subject is!

Now, you might ask, what's so hot about sprouts?

Did you know?…
- when you sprout a seed you increase its nutritional value up to 20 times!
- sprouted seeds provide high amounts of very easily digestible proteins
- by sprouting your own seeds, you are able to harvest the freshest foods right in your kitchen, no excuses : ) all year-round!
- almost any seed can be sprouted

What kind of seeds should you sprout?

- alfalfa
- clover
- radish
- fenugreek
- mung beans, etc

The above list has examples of seeds that are very easily sprouted simply using a jar. Some seeds, especially grains and sunflower seeds are better to be sprouted or grown into micro greens using trays of soil, which requires more commitment on your part. For now, let's just stick with introducing how to get started with sprouting in jars right in your kitchen.

What you'll need for sprouting in jars:
- any kind of pint size jars you might have (or mason jars)
- cheese cloth and rubber bands OR screen lids that fit mason jars (available in health food stores)
- space that is relatively dark (not exposed to direct sunlight)
- a dripping rack or tray that can hold your jar(s) at a 45 degree angle for days
- and, of course, the kind of seeds you'd like to sprout, and pure water

Note: I took the photo outside just because it's prettier than a picture of a sprouting jar in the kitchen sink where I keep mine. You do NOT want to grow your sprouts outside. 

What to do:
- soak a couple of tablespoons of seeds overnight in a cup of water
- rinse and drain the seeds and place them in your sprouting jar with the lid on or with a piece of cheese cloth held on tightly by a rubber band
- place the jar in your dripping rack / tray at a 45 degree angle
- rinse your jar's content at least twice a day (morning and evening are easiest for most people)
- repeat this process for 3-7 days, depending on how mature (long) you'd like your sprouts to be
- harvest your sprouts and add them to salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps, or just mix a bowl of them with your favorite nut butter and maybe a little water or vinegar for a quick snack

You may also try this recipe for a healthy, energizing snack, with fenugreek sprouts:

…Which brings me to the subject of fenugreek seeds! WHY fenugreek seeds? 
These precious seeds have a myriad of health benefits and they are sometimes referred to as the "herb for every ailment".  No wonder, since fenugreek seeds have cancer-fighting qualities, are used as a digestive aid, sometimes even as a laxative, and they're full of fiber as well as vitamins and minerals and are high in protein too! The unique-shaped seeds with their distinct aroma are an amazing food for supporting breast health and are traditionally used for increasing breast milk production in nursing mothers…and it does not stop there!
Did you know that fenugreek seeds are an incredible blood sugar regulator too? Being such a common disease nowadays, unfortunately, chances are, you know someone with diabetes and you never know who you will help out with this information: You can make a fenugreek seed tea to help lower your blood sugar. Simply crush the seeds and make a concoction by simmering them for a couple of hours. Drain and sip the tea. The leaves can also be used to make tea but I've never tried that so you can share with me what your experience with that is, if you have!

See you soon!!
I have something exciting to announce this week so stay tuned! : )

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