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Thai-Inspired Creamy Bowl of Deliciousness

Friday, October 25, 2013

A soup, that is.  One that you will never forget! Promise. 
I had my wisdom teeth removed (ouch) and I'm still recovering.  Needless to say, I'm on blended foods and since it's day 10, I'm really tired of eating the same stuff over and over.  So, today, I said "This is it, I'm making something different!"  Savory and buttery is what I wanted....And I could have had a gallon of this... It's simply orgasmic!

Thai-Inspired Creamy Veggie Soup
(Makes about a quart to serve 1, maybe 2)
1 small red bell pepper
1/2 stalk of celery
1 slender (stalk) lemongrass
1/4 of small red onion (or use 1-2 green onions)
1/2 carrot (or a tiny one)
3 cloves of garlic
ginger to taste (I only used a piece the size of a raisin)
1 tiny hot pepper/jalapeno
2 heaping tbsp coconut butter
pinch of ground cayenne pepper
1/2 - 1 tsp (to taste) salt 
cilantro (no more than what you can tear off a bunch with three fingers)
~ 3 cups water

Optional: pinch of turmeric, honey (not vegan) or other sweetener, soy or shoyu sauce

To Prepare:
1. Warm the water on the stove top carefully, to desired temperature. (You definitely don't want to bring it to a boil if you chose to stick with eating raw)
2. In the meantime, chop all vegetables into chunks and place them in a blender with the lemongrass (pealed back and the core chopped fine; a bit of a tough task) and the spices you are using along with the coconut butter.
3. Add the water and whirl it all up, adding the cilantro only for the last few seconds of blending.
4. Taste test. Some people like it saltier, some prefer it sweeter.
5. Garnish and serve immediately.

It's savory, warming, and incredibly flavorful and satisfying. Enjoy! : )



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