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Just Beet It!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What have I been up to lately? Lots of things. Some of them are a surprise for now but I'll be sharing with you all in the upcoming posts, promise. First off, I started juicing more so I'll be taking notes of my favorite combinations for you. Here's the first one:

I wasn't targeting a liver cleanse or doing a detox at all, it just so happens that the ingredients combined here could be used for the housekeeping of this precious organ.

The Earthy Liver Cleanser
(Serves 1)
5 stalks celery
1 cucumber (or use a half and add 1 green apple)
1 peeled lemon
1 small beet
1 in (~2.5 cm) piece ginger root
2 leaves of kale (or other dark green leaves like dandelion, which is especially good for liver cleansing)

Feed them through your juicer and drink it up.

Fruits and vegetables to juice for a liver cleanse: dandelion leaves, lemon, burdock root, carrot, beets, apples, garlic, turmeric root, etc.

Happy Juicing! : )

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