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Move Over, Raspberries!...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

As if raspberries were not "cool" enough anymore, right? No. Of course that's not the case. But... Yes, there's a BUT. Why would I get raspberries to make dressing when I live in Fairyland where all I have to do is just step outside of the house and I find myself surrounded with wild blackberry bushes?! I have been awaiting the season, watching them bloom and later show the green berries for weeks...and for the past two weeks they've had tons of fruit...mmm. I realize I probably end up with a bunch of haters, or jealous audience, but hey, I just moved here recently and I have to brag. If for no other reason, then because it's definitely a raw foodie's heaven and I'm a bit enthusiastic. You can't blame me for that. : )

So what did I do with the berries I just picked? I've made blackberry vinaigrette that's to die for!

Wild Blackberry Vinaigrette Salad with Millet Crackers
(Serves 2 people or 1 hungry raw foodie)

For the Dressing
Blend* the following ingredients:
~ 1 cup of blackberries (you may thaw out some frozen berries as an alternative)
~ 1 tsp mustard
~ 2 tbsp vinegar ( I used apple cider this time)
~ 2-3 tbsp oil (I used olive oil)
maple syrup (not raw) or honey (not vegan) or other sweetener to taste
pinch of salt
optional: pinch of cayenne pepper

*Berries have a lot of seeds. I prefer to keep them in there but if you rather have a smoother dressing then press them through a sieve first and add your berry paste to the rest of the ingredients and blend.

Look at the color of this!...

As for the salad, I like to keep it simple when the dressing is such an extraordinary one so this is all mine had but of course you can go as crazy as you wish:

mixed greens (or chop up a large head of romaine lettuce)
peas removed form 3-4 pods of English peas
a chunk of thinly sliced red onion
1 small Persian cucumber, sliced diagonally

Add avocado or nuts for a more filling meal.

1. Toss the ingredients with the dressing and pile some on individual serving plates along with some crackers.
2. Excuse yourself (or not) and lick the blender before sitting down to enjoy your plate of Heaven!

Aren't we so spoiled???

Blackberries are antioxidant stars!
Anthocyanins, the antioxidants that give these berries their dark color, have antiinflammatory and anti-cancer qualities as well. Being exceptionally nutritious, high in vitamins C and K, and very rich in manganese and fiber, means they contribute to your heart health and good eyesight, help keep your bones strong and support your digestive system.


agnieszka crowther said...

Look amazing-:)!

agnieszka crowther said...

And that lForrest of yours is incredible -:)!

Dita said...

Thanks. It's so yummy, you should make it! : )

Dita said...

I know, if I had long enough arms I would hug it! : )

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