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It's Been a Year ~ Thank You!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

For lack of a real birthday cake and a candle.... a macaroon and a scape will do for now : )

Raw Food For Truth's first Birthday! Yes, it has been that long. A year ago yesterday I had enough courage to show this blog to friends and family. The six recipes I had put together up until then have since grown into 70some, the most popular one being "Real Raw Marzipan", which I would have never guessed! Life is full of surprises...
It has been a very exciting journey; I truly enjoy every moment of it. It is lots of work but incredibly rewarding and I'm really grateful for the experience. 

And so I would like to...

Thank Blogger to make this possible.
Thank my husband, for putting up with my insanity and my constant chasing of "new and better" (whatever that means). 
Thank my best friends, A.C. and A.B. for always being there for me.
Thank my sister L. for your honest input (both, compliments and harsh criticism) on my work.
Thank my family for understanding my turning down your wholeheartedly prepared cooked meals.
Thank my children, Ashton, Fiona and Lulu, for being patient and putting up with my typing away on the computer when I should be paying attention to you instead. 
Thank YOU, regular readers for your interest, support, and for coming back from time to time.
Thank all who visit my blog for ideas and using it as inspiration.
Thank all for your letters, e-mails, questions, comments. 
Thank all who decided my recipes were worth printing in magazines.
Thank Google for guiding people in finding this information and help them get healthier.
Thank all local farmers for their hard work in creating the wonderful food that provides me with a never-ending source of inspiration and delicious ingredients for recipes to create!
Thank you!

There's more to come so stay tuned! : )

~ June 16, 2012 ~


mia bella dolce said...

So happy i found your blog today...I cant wait to try some of your recipes...thank you

Dita said...

So happy for you and thank you!!! Enjoy whatever you'll make! : )

agnieszka crowther said...

I'm truly impress with your dedication , professionalism and hard work! Thank you so very much for caring so much to help every one to be heathier and more knowledgable about link between food habits and our health! Amazing impressive work!

Dita said...

Thank you, you're so sweet!!! : )

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