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Europe in The RAW 2011 ~ Copenhagen

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I’m soo excited to share with you my adventures in this WONDERFUL town! I’ve been to many places in my life but the people here I’m pretty sure are the nicest people I’ve ever met! The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, the service quality, the technology, such as the smoothness of train cars, the automated subways with a glass front, etc, etc, I could just go on I’m so impressed.  And it doesn’t stop there. You know what else I’m into besides technology: animals and food, specifically RAW food. Now, if we add all these things up Copenhagen still wins the competition. This lovely place has so much wild life and raw food restaurants or small eateries, and the government subsidizes organic agriculture!!! Perfection! Oh, I loved it there so much! Funny thing is that without even knowing all this, just a few minutes after landing I said: “I wanna move here!” You can imagine my first impression.

We stayed with my husband’s friends who are also my new friends now. : ) The evening we got there Rikke took us for a walk in their neighborhood. It’s so beautiful there. There are green fields, wildlife, fresh air, and the opportunity for wild foraging! Yep, I even did that!
There was also a herd of sheep out there and these two just loved getting pet! 
The next day we went back to see them and the same ones started running towards us. They knew they would get pet again…
It was nice to be able to spend some quality time with animals. There’s more to come!

Raw Food in Copenhagen
I did some research to see if there were raw restaurants worthy of visiting. I found several in town with varying reviews, but who are you going to believe? I decided the best thing to do was to go into town and let our friends guide us and wait till we pass by a raw restaurant. The first one I saw was The Raw Tribe. Sticking my head in was enough of a clue. It smelled so good in there so I decided to try it.

“The Raw Tribe” Review
This 100% raw place might be hard to see since it’s quite small and it’s located in a basement. Their menu is not too large either but they
therawtriberestaurantcopenhagen serve fresh juices and smoothies, wheatgrass shots, lunch items like pizza, and zucchini pasta, salads, desserts, and their own protein bars. What else would you need? I’d never had raw pizza before so that's what I chose to go along with a wheatgrass shot, and a hemp protein bar, which was similar to a brownie.

Pizza at The Raw Tribe

All of my lunch was divine! I wish this place were in Los Angeles! The pizza had a flax seed crust, a layer of marinara, baby spinach, pickled red onions, marinated mushrooms, pesto sauce, and “roasted” tomatoes. It was so delicious; I highly recommend it!

The second day we went back in town, just the two of us, to roam around and see more before we had to catch a plane that evening. We were lucky enough to walk by Raw & Rustic. My husband noticed it and while I didn’t even think it would be worth checking it out, we went for it, and I’m glad we did!

Raw & Rustic Review
This adorable place is not a raw restaurant but they had some raw options, and they sell some produce as well. It’s more like a juice bar that has some salads and some raw cookies, chocolate bars, and truffles to indulge in. I ended up with a cookie and some truffles.

Raw & Rustic Inside and Out


The cookie was a raisin-sunflower seed-hazelnut-cinnamon-vanilla creation (if I remember all the ingredients). It was a little hard and very chewy but tasty! The truffles were not my favorite at all. I wouldn’t buy those again. The service, the atmosphere, and the products in the store were all amazing. All in all, it’s a lovely place to visit!

Organic in Copenhagen
I already mentioned how much I loved this town. It’s not just the people, the scenery, etc. It doesn’t stop there. The Danish government subsidizes organic agriculture! There are no specialized organic stores around but any grocery store will have many options for healthier choices and tons of organic produce! Also, walking around in town you can see organic signs everywhere. Coffee shops, delis, even hot dog stands, or fast food places, very often use organic ingredients! Can you imagine??? Still, I didn’t just rely on stores for food! This is a place with so much food available to you, you just have to go and pick it.

Wild Foraging in Copenhagen
For the first time in my life I had wild greens! The beautiful fields pictured above had lots of dandelions and since those greens I do recognize and feel safe to consume, even with no experience, I picked some for my morning smoothie. Rikke also knows of a lot of fruits in the area that are edible so we gathered some tiny yellow plums, and some sour cheery-like fruit, besides blackberries. It’s amazing how much food is just there available to everyone and anyone to eat! I wish I knew more about wild foods!

We shared the fresh greens with our friends’ bunnies. They have three of them, a mom and a dad and their daughter. It was so nice to hang out with them; they're really sweet.

…And the rest of this beautiful and clean city in pictures:

The Round Tower, Built As an Observatory in 1642

The View of Windmills from The Tower




Around Town 

So Many Houses are Settling

Coming Up Next: Amsterdam!

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