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Cucumber Cooler

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I’ve been preparing to go to Europe and running last minute errands also means going even simpler in the kitchen. There are quite a few things in my fridge I need to use up tomorrow still and today I reached for cucumbers and gravenstein apples, hmmmm, I love those! I’m not even a big juicer but juicing definitely has its place. They’re great for quick nourishment, for staying hydrated, or for using up leftover produce like I just did, hehe : )

It only took three ingredients and one minute to throw together and I ended up with a very refreshing drink. The cucumber will keep you hydrated, the apple is a very good cleanser and adds sweetness, the ginger is there for a kick….what can I say, I love spice added to everything! Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which means it’s effective in reducing discomfort due to arthritis. It’s also known as a digestive aid and it stimulates circulation. Being a warming herb, ginger root is commonly brewed for tea and used to beat colds. As if I needed all these reasons to use some…. I just love ginger!

Cucumber Cooler
Juice the following ingredients:
1 medium cucumber
1 medium apple
1 inch piece of ginger (might be too much so start with less!)

Drink up!

Simple, hydrating, spicy, cool as a cucumber...

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